Helping Children Learn About Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control

A professional Guide

This beautifully illustrated and sensitively written storybook and accompanying professional guide have been created to help young children understand about domestic abuse and coercive control. Floss is a happy little puppy who loves going to Doggy Daycare and playing with her best friend, Houdini. The story explores how things change when her Mum’s new friend, Boss, comes into their lives. Floss’s story supports children who have experienced domestic abuse and trauma as they make sense of their feelings, teaching them to seek help and stay safe. The supporting guidebook helps adults to work through the story effectively, putting the professional in a position to have important conversations with children about what to do if something at home does not feel right. This set: Can be used to address the topic of domestic abuse and coercive control with individuals, small groups and whole classes, enabling dialogue around a sensitive issue Offers activities for supporting children, safety planning strategies and guidance for taking on a key adult role Can be used to support the PSHE curriculum, particularly around the topic of healthy relationships This set is a vital tool for teachers, social care staff, therapists and other professionals working to teach young children about domestic abuse and coercive control. It provides an important vehicle for talking to children about staying safe and their emotional wellbeing.

Authors: Catherine Lawler, Abigail Sterne. Illustrated by Nicky Armstrong