We provide support that is free, confidential and anonymous – all over Switzerland

List of consultation centers for victim assistance by canton.

to provide psychosocial and therapeutic assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children, as well as to sensitize the public and professionals to this problem.

We offer a confidential and secure place to stay for a limited period of time (six months). Children are welcome and your stay will be supervised (individual interviews, discussion groups, mother-child interviews).

Rue de Montchoisy 46
1207 Genève

The Association is committed to helping all people living in Switzerland who are confronted with domestic violence, whether they are victims, perpetrators, family members or professionals, or witnesses, regardless of their age or sexual orientation.

VIOLENCE QUE FAIRE is an association that aims to prevent intimate partner violence and offers advice and support to all concerned.

Through its website www.violencequefaire.ch, the Association offers a platform full of information aimed at helping, guiding and encouraging anyone concerned by domestic violence to break the silence. This information is also very useful for all the professional services that meet these people.

The site offers a professional, anonymous, personalised and free online counselling service with a response time of three working days.

This service is provided by professionals from the partner institutions Solidarité Femmes Bienne (BE), Solidarité Femmes – Centre LAVI FR (FR), EX-pression (FR), Point du Jour (VS), Centre d’accueil MalleyPrairie (VD), Centre Prévention de l’AIe (VD), Centre LAVI VD (VD). A psychologist, hired by the Association, reinforces this team.

The Frauenhaus beider Basel is the most important facility in the region for women affected by violence, with or without children. For security reasons, the location is not publicly known and is only communicated by telephone when an appointment is made.


The women’s shelter can be reached day and night at 061 681 6633. Telephone counselling is always possible, is confidential and does not commit you to anything. You can find more information at: www.frauenhaus-basel.ch. The website is in many languages.



We offer listening, information and support to those affected.
Our association also has a shelter for women and their children in need of safety.

Rue de Lausanne 91
P.O. Box 538
1701 Fribourg